Lea Alcantara

Partner, Lead Designer, Bright Umbrella

Lea Alcantara is a partner and lead designer for Bright Umbrella, a web services agency that builds smart websites for nonprofits, education and innovative entrepreneurs. Her thoughts on branding, design and the industry have been shared on various publications such as .net Magazine, Applied Arts, The Austin Chronicle, and The Edmonton Journal. She’s also the other half of the web show CTRL+CLICK CAST, a finalist for The Net Awards Podcast of the Year several years running. 

A prolific industry speaker, Lea has logged 27 speaking engagements under her belt since 2007! Beyond her passion for branding, color and type, Lea is a major CMS aficionado (partial to Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine). In her spare time, you can find her binge-watching documentaries about food and obsessively taking photos of her cats.