Manny Jasus

Graphic Designer and Art Director, OBEDIENT MACHINE

It’s not often I get to write about myself in the third person, or start a sentence with a conjunctive adverb. So when the opportunity came along to create a short author bio, Manny Jasus jumped at the chance.

Manny Jasus is a designer, artist, and musician from the bustling metropolis of Concord, NH.

When not battling killer robots with his misleadingly subtle dance moves, he’s safe and secure in his basement lair creating objects of a seemingly nefarious but ultimately well-meaning nature.

If successfully lured into the light by his wife and son, he has also been known to wander the wilds of New England in search of tolerable outdoor activities, tacos from trucks, and expertly crafted beer. He has chronicled some of these adventures in songs, stories, and art.